One of America’s favorite pastimes "Base Ball"

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Most people today have an idea of how baseball is played in its current form. Some of us played T-ball as a kid, some coached and some were just there to support their team or favorite player. The baseball we all grew up with and know so well is a very competitive game with players earning large salaries and multi-million dollar stadiums. The game today is very different from the game that was played many years ago back in the 1860's.

When base ball was a game

What does that mean? In the mid 1800's base ball clubs were starting to become more noticeable. The rules were being created and revised. Base ball was a game back then, a Gentlemen's game. They played for the exercise, recreation and they played with the idea, win or lose, that the game was played with pride and spirit.

The way the game was meant to be played

Vintage Base Ball is baseball "presented as" being played by rules and customs from an earlier period in the sport's history. The base ball games we play offer a certain form of entertainment that will appeal to all people of all ages. The base ball club's exist to help preserve the game as it was played back in the 1860's, to raise public awareness about the game our ancestors played, and to educate the public about rules, equipment, uniforms and other informational facts about base ball in the 1860's.

Go back in time

Come join in the experience by coming to our games or visit the Vintage Base Ball Association at to find a base ball club near you.

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